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A child is a birth of a new parent... share your feelings of the time when you became a parent...

FYF (Guest) on Monday, July 08 2013, 08:03 AM
Do you have a child younger than 8years of age? If yes, then do come and join ‘First Years First’, a campaign committed to promote the importance of a good parenting-caring practices in the first 8years of a child’s life.

A child is a birth of a new parent... share your feelings of the time when you became a parent...


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  • Replied by Parul Kohli on Tuesday, July 09 2013, 06:39 AM · Hide · #1
    Hello! everyone,

    I feel this statement is apt. I personally consider myself a parent the day I conceived. My child is not yet born and is likely to enter this world in next few months. But, this journey of being a parent makes me think lot of questions as what kind of parent I would be? What kind of relationship I will have with my child?Whether I would be able to do enough justice with my little fellow or not?What kind of love would I be giving him/her? Is it right to have expectations with him or not?At times, I feel I am in sheer doubt and confusion. But, deep down I know an answer for this- No Matter what the situation would be like, I would try to be an Intuitive Parent. I would place myself in my child's shoes and try to see and experience the world the way s/he is experiencing. What as a child I don't like my parents to do, I would not do with my own child. I would continue to keep intact the spirit of childhood within myself. I am looking forward to RELIVE my own childhood with my little one. This thought has given a birth to a new self-known as a 'parent'. A child in any way and stage is enough to make you realize this!Thanks.
  • Replied by devika on Wednesday, July 10 2013, 06:39 AM · Hide · #2
    Unconditional love is
    what you give and what you get.
    Mix of pain and joy!
    Replied by akanksha rastogi on Sunday, July 14 2013, 07:06 PM · Hide · #3
    Well it is love before first sight with the baby but childbirth and becoming parent is wonderful......Relaxed, relieved, overwhelmed, excited, proud were some of the words for me !!