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Free-ship classes: How the fee of a child impacts teacher’s motivation to teach

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This school is located in urban area of Alwar district in Rajasthan. It has one nursery class which they call the “free ship” class. All the children who belong to this class do not pay any fee. It is interesting to know that these children in the “free ship” classes are not enrolled yet, but continue to attend the classes. Most of these children come along with their elder siblings who come to the school regularly. The Principal informed that many of them do not pay fee even after sending several reminders to their parents. The principal told that he has approached parents and shared the situation, but many parents do not understand and consider sending the child to school only to pass time. Since, most of the adults go out for work during the day, nobody is left at home to take care of young ones; so, they come along with their elder siblings to the school.


While sharing his plight, he mentioned how he wishes to now close the school and open a new business because of financial problems. He also shared that because of nonpayment of fee, he has been suffering financially and is unable to provide salaries to teachers or arrange proper materials for children. He mentioned that the ‘’free ship’’ class teachers are not motivated to teach because of lack of salary for 3-4 months. As a result, children mostly spend time in playing among themselves and their education is suffering. 

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