Early Scope

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Look at this photograph below…


Does this give you any sign that something is not appropriate? Three innocent faces of children about 6yrs of age, appearing happy, curious.

Now… picture this…


This is Reena (name changed). You may not have recognized her as any different from the other children in the picture, that she was married at such a tender age is an idea too far-fetched to believe. Shockingly, it is true. At the age of 6years, this young girl who lives in the rural districts of Rajasthan, India, was married when she was about 4yrs old, with a boy of the same age. She continues to live with her parents till her gauna, (a ritual that will take place once she attains her puberty and begins to live with her husband). 

Date: 4th feb, 2013  

Where: Umrain, Alwar

When: around 10.30am

This article is dedicated to the spirit of the Lion’s Heart.

There were still a few more minutes left before the gates of the school were to open. Children were lining up around the walls; some were even trying to jump through the gates. A class teacher soon arrived and began a warm conversation. We hadn’t even entered the school and we already knew that the school has a computer centre, has a website of its own, has a group of children who volunteer to carry out activities within the school and support the website. These 15-20 children 12 year olds impressively introduced themselves as the Lion’s Heart team.

The name is an inspiration from the teams of the popular IPL cricket series.  Likewise, the children looked confident and enthusiastic. They said that they know how to operate on computers; they knew Microsoft word, paint and PC games too, like IGA.

We entered the premises and found the walls painted with beautiful colours all around, a banyan tree that shadowed the anganwadi centre in the middle of the ground, a rain water harvesting system, special toilet facility for the physically challenged.