Early Scope

Dharini case study report


The Centre for Learning Resources (CLR) is a non-profit educational institution in Pune which has been working towards improving the quality of Early Childhood and Elementary Education by providing technical support to government, NGO and private sector programmes at the grassroots level. It was established by two eminent Educationists, Dr John Kurien and Dr Zakiya Kurien in 1984. CLR was conceptualized by its founders as a technical resource agency which could offer its expertise to various programmes through short term trainings, designing and dissemination of learning materials with certain amount of monitoring. CLR continued to play this role till 1990‘s, often with the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS). However the learning from these initiatives was that, particularly in the case of government programmes like ICDS, while the government gave permission to CLR to carry out the support activities, there was very little ownership of the programme and little opportunity for interaction, which inevitably had a negative impact on the scaling up and sustainability of the work done. Since the Directorate of ICDS was also located in Mumbai there was little opportunity for interaction. In view of this concern, as Zakiya Kurien shared, ―We discontinued working with the ICDS …..We began working instead with NGOs with whom we could interact locally. CLR thus moved from supporting government programmes to working more extensively with the local NGO sector from early 1990‘s onwards.

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